Loving Awareness Song

This song is for YOU! I hope you find it inspired, uplifting and centering! Each verse speaks to and from the heart, reminding us that when we focus in Loving Awareness, all life lights up, we feel bountiful, blissful and beautiful and LOVE is everywhere we choose to see it.

Yogi Bhajan reminded us that repeating the mantras, Bountiful I Am, Blissful I Am, Beautiful I Am is a wonderful way to awaken ourselves to the knowing that we are created in the image of the Divine.

With soul awareness, we recognize ourselves, in God’s Grace, as bountiful, blissful, beautiful BEings. It is my prayer that if we repeat these mantras often enough, we may begin to believe them…and our lives will LIGHT up and we will beam like radiant lighthouses, shining our light and encouraging others to do the same! I love you all! Please sing along and share the LOVE!!

Planetary Oneness – An Astronaut’s Whole Earth View

OVERVIEW from Planetary Collective on Vimeo.

Overview is a beautiful film that will touch you with images of our home.  Planet earth is a beautiful blue marble floating in space.  Taking it all in as the astronauts have done is a transformative experience.   This movie shares their story… and our story of oneness.