There is Nowhere for me to Land

There is nowhere for me to land
this land rises up so quickly
like expectations from a great messiah
quickly placed by the people
up high and out of reach

How do I connect to thee
when I have no place to embark?
Do I continue on my journey?
Is there no where here for me?

Please I beg you, let down a thread
any glimpse of your open heart will do
I am weary and need a place to land
can you not see me
the light shines from my soul
It carried me to you
the great witness surveying all horizons
spectators bow, thee weap for you
not knowing there dreams are here
They have been all along

What was it that I had to do
to arrive at the beginning
How ironic that my original face
was right here beside me

If I looked could I see?
If I listened would I hear?

I must hoist the sails and set off
not knowing what I will find at home
The journey is thee adventure
and all around me the players
dance their game fulfilling me
up with experience to reach higher
broaden my awareness
for if I only stay home
how will I see
to the end
of each rainbow.

There is a Place

There is a place
a little place
with wide open views
of the future
where people smile at each other
recognizing their spirit
and the waves
and the wind
dance for pleasure

Setting Up Alters

Setting up alters
questing to desperately find truth
looking outside
expecting a sign
of some forgotten paradise
it lives right here
dramatic entanglements
unfurling enlightenment
in the grain of sand
and a single rain drop
bring then within
these moments so small
most go unnoticed
there is harmony
in each moment
alters to the divine
if you open your eyes.