Paperman: Oscar Winning Animated Short

Paperman won the 2013 Oscar for animated short.

Why does Paperman look different than any animated movie that came before? It combines hand drawn 2D and 3D animation. Read the story about how Paperman brought hand drawing and computer animation together in a new way.

Road tripping 1985 Westfalia style somewhere in Southwest Wisconsin

Thanks to the interstate highway system,
it is now possible to travel across the country
from coast to coast without seeing anything.
-Charles Kuralt, On The Road

Taking your time and taking it it all in.  More than just passing through.  It’s not about getting there,  it’s about enjoying the journey.  Experiencing more of what this magnificent earth has created for us.

When talking about awareness, most of us identify with our awareness through the ego, through the mind and senses. But the true self is in the middle of our chest, in our spiritual heart. So, to get from ego to the true self I said “I am loving awareness.” Loving awareness is the soul. I am loving awareness. I am aware of everything, I’m aware of my body and my senses and my mind, I’m aware of all of it, but I notice that I’m loving all of it. I’m loving all of the world.

via Ram Dass on Loving Awareness | Ram Dass.