Where sky meets ocean and mountains

There is peaceful harmony in union with the fusion of earth, sky and sea.  Go within this nature and nurture your relationship with Nature.  Breath into Being.  Witness the dance of creation unfolding around and within you as you let yourself merge into Being.  

There is so much Beauty in this world waiting for you to discover your Awareness. 

3 thoughts on “Where sky meets ocean and mountains

    1. We watched it last night… Because I saw you mentioned it in a comment to Jen. Good synchronicity! 😁

      I especially liked Marti Spiegelman and Malidoma Some. Are you still practicing yoga and meditation? Deb and I have been practicing daily and teaching. The intuition window to Infinity keeps opening wider and the connection with Awareness gets deeper… Especially in harmony with Nature. Love Jen’s Beyond Belief Foundation connection with nature and expanding Awareness.

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