Social Media Marketing Brings New Revenues, Customers

Social media marketing has been top of mind among marketers and is becoming a worldwide phenomenon. Earlier this year, eMarketer estimated that worldwide social network ad revenues alone, not including money that companies spend developing presences on social networks or hiring staff to manage them, would reach $5.97 billion in 2011, a 71.6% increase over 2010.

Already, firms worldwide are seeing returns on their increased investment. According to a survey by office services firm Regus, 47% of businesses successfully used social networks for customer acquisition in 2011, a 7 percentage point increase over 2010. The US followed closely behind the average, at 43%.

Companies in Select Countries that Successfully Use Social Networks for Customer Acquisition,   2010 & 2011 (% of respondents)

Here are some statistics on the adoption of social media by businesses worldwide and the growth in customer acquisition. If you use social media well it will bring your business stronger relationships and increased revenue.


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