Are We Over Sharing in Social Media?

With more places to share content on more networks, each having their own diverse social graphs, connections and features, many of us are splintering our online identities, choosing one or a few communities over others, and optimizing our sharing and consumption to fit the model that best works for us – and that self-assessment should be constantly changing as our own preferences, and those sites’ capabilities change. But what will never change is people’s desire to feel important and interesting, whether they are creators, sharers, commenters or even lurkers.

Wondering if anyone is reading your blog posts, Tweets or Facebook Updates?

There are plenty of places and ways to share what’s important to you in social media. I believe the opportunity is in sharing ideas and information that mean something to you and your organization and that resonate with your fans and followers.

For most businesses if you can extend your network beyond face to face word of mouth social media is extremely valuable. If you want to build stronger relationships with your customers paying attention to your customers and potential customers by listening and responding can help strengthen real relationships. If you can help solve a challenge or provide helpful information you are providing value service to the people that care about what you do.

Social media is a people movement. People like to connect with other people of like interests. The technology makes it possible but people are still at the center. Focus on your people and being helpful and you will be successful.


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