Are Marketers Struggling to Keep Up with Social Trends?

Social media is no longer new, but it’s still a turbulent space. Just a couple years ago MySpace was on top of the world, only to be ousted unceremoniously by crowds flocking to Facebook. Twitter crept onto the scene and then exploded with growth in 2009, putting itself on every marketer’s radar. New trends are developing in the social location-based area, and that’s not counting the seemingly constant mergers, acquisitions, startups and failures.

Little wonder that marketers find it difficult to stay on top of the hottest social media trends. A May 2010 survey from staffing firm The Creative Group found that 65% of US marketing executives considered it at least somewhat challenging to keep up.

Challenge of Staying Current on Social Media Trends, May 2010 (% of US marketing executives)

It’s can be difficult to keep up in the ever changing social media world. It’s important to have a clear strategy and a well understood foundation of who you are in all forms of communication. Social media is no different. The platforms and tactics may change but who you are and your message can remain clear and consistent.

It is important for most businesses to participate in social media at some level. It is not important to go chasing everything new. It is important to find a few things that work, stick with them while paying attention to changes and trends and keep the connections flowing with the people that love what you do.

It really is pretty simple. 🙂


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