What’s the Point? STOP and ask is what You’re Doing Worth Doing

Here’s an excellent blog post to consider from Seth Godin.

What’s the point?

An idea turns into a meeting and then it turns into a project. People get brought along, there’s free donuts, there’s a whiteboard and even a conference call.

It feels like you’re doing the work, but at some point, hopefully, someone asks, “what’s the point of this?”

Is it worth doing?

Compared to everything else we could be investing (don’t say ‘spending’) our time on, is this the scariest, most likely to pay off, most important or the best long-term endeavor?

Or are we just doing it because no one had the guts along the way to say STOP.

Are you doing work worth doing, or are you just doing your job?

In business today we have to move faster than ever and our time is more limited. Wouldn’t you want to be working on something that really matters to your organization? What if you made sure that everyone on your team checked in and made sure they understand the point?

I think your opportunity to cut through confusion, get clear and get aligned is worth the success that will come from continually asking, “What’s the point?”.


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