Own Your Own Online Brand

Are you building your own brand online?  Fred Wilson has a good post on AVC about the importance of owning your brand in the online world. 

Many people are concerned about their online reputation in the world of tagging on Facebook.  If you’re concerned about privacy and what a potential future client or client may see about you online make sure you know how to set your privacy settings on Facebook.    One of the best ways to make your best self findable on the Internet is by participating in blogging and social media. 

Create a Blog at Your own Domain.

You can control what the Internet sees about you if you build a presence at your own domain name. 
A personal blog is a simple and effective way get an active story of you flowing online.  The more quality content you share on your domain the better. 

Your blog can make a great “resume” and is an excellent tool for career building.  Sharing your expertise, insights and opinions can give prospective employers and clients a great view of your style and personality.  I received my last job offer from the blog / podcasts I created online.  The company was impressed with the amount of work I had created and figured I could be a productive member of their team.

Participate in Social Media

Along with blogging, LinkedIn, Twitter, Posterous and other niche communities can help build your online presence.  When your name gets Googled by prospective employers and clients and you’re regularly participating in various social media streams these activities show up.  Even if you have a relatively common name, if you keep up an active social media presence you can control many of your search engine results just by posting stories and engaging in online conversations.

Get Started Managing Your Online Brand – 4 Things you can Do Today

1. Get your domain name
2. Start blogging
3. Build profiles and participate in social media
4. Monitor your name for mentions on the Internet

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