Using Seesmic Desktop as a Single Column

I like Seesmic Desktop because it’s fast and it combines all the @ Mentions from the various accounts I help manage. I like that I can have 1 column of combined mentions from 9 different Twitter accounts. This combined feature helps me pay attention and respond more quickly without missing when people are mentioning me on Twitter.

Experimenting with a different look for Seesmic Desktop

I used to use Seesmic Desktop almost exclusively on my computer for all my twitter activity until they removed the buttons at the bottom of each column. Now I find myself switching between Hootsuite and Seemic Desktop for managing Twitter.

Over the last few days I’ve been using Seesmic in it’s single column version and I’m happier with this version for watching for Mentions while I’m actively doing other things. The single column Seesmic takes up a lot less screen space so having it open in the background is cleaner for me and it feels a lot more simple when I’m not actively tweeting. Right now the combined account column views is keeping me using Seesmic Desktop to manage twitter about 50% of the time. Hootsuite is my other go to Twitter app when I’m tweeting from my computer.

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