Farmers Discovering the Power of Social Media

The business of farming has come a long way since I worked on my neighbors farm as a teenager in the late 70’s. Farming is mostly about adopting modern business methods. Social Media is an excellent way for farmers to connect with their consumers, partners and suppliers and share their stories. Here’s a excerpt from an article in The Independent:

Social media, such as Twitter and Facebook, are helping to define a new direction for agriculture that puts farmers in direct contact with consumers.

On Wednesday, the Nebraska Agricultural Technologies Association Conference and Trade Show held a program titled “Social Media Applications in Agriculture” at the Mid-Town Holiday Inn in Grand Island.

Hosting the program was Dennis Kahl, a University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension educator.

One of the main advantages of farmers using social media is it puts them into direct contact with their target audience, whether it be other farmers, consumers, business suppliers or customers.

It’s good to see the business of farming embracing the technology of social networking. How could your business benefit from this direct connection with your consumers?


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