Evolve in 2010 – Focus on Adapting to Changes

The most important thing for brands to remember is that we should spend less of our efforts trying to predict “what’s next for 2010” and focus on adapting quickly to changes in consumer behavior and technology. The one certainty is that social marketing strategies will have to evolve with whatever comes our way next year.

The “real time web” is here and the world feels like it’s moving more quickly. As more people find new ways to communicate with the tools of the social web, companies will have to continually adapt.

My recommendation: If you want to thrive, get better at adapting.

The more you understand your business the better and more quickly you can adapt. The more you understand your customers the more quickly you can adapt to serving them better. Engage your customers, listen to their needs, allow them to help you be better.

Your business is not static.

– It is a living,
– breathing,
– sum of all it’s relationships,
– continuously evolving sphere of connections.

Embrace the changes and enjoy each moment of adapting.


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