Real Time is a Big 2010 Web Trend

Google this week launched real-time search, bringing live updates from Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and more into a scrolling pane in your Google search results.

How will the real-time trend evolve in 2010? Rapidly, no doubt. Why will it sweep the Web? Because it fuels our insatiable info-addiction.

Real Time is a huge trend on the web right now and it will grow in 2010. Google’s newly announced real time search is one example of how important the real time web is becoming. Pete Cashmore’s CNN article ( link above ) gives an overview of some real time services that will see growth in 2010.

It’s easy to participate in the real time web communication stream today. Real time is empowering entrepreneurs to entirely new opportunities in thought leadership, brand management, customer service, trusted relationships and quicker business cycles.

Are you participating in the real time web?


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