Social Media Needs To Become a Team Sport

It dawns on me that social media is filled with solo players.

It’s no surprise that so many people have trouble convincing companies to take an action to adopt social media tools and methods. The company is a team that has some sense of a system, and many of us are rushing in and saying that this set of tools is really the next big thing, and yet, when the company looks at what we’re talking about, it seems like a solo sport, the way we talk about it.

Social media flows best when your whole team is involved in the game. The very nature of social media is in giving everyone a voice. A team approach is a terrific way to share your company’s vision and connect must more deeply with fans while building relationships. Your team needs to play together to reap the greater benefits of social media.

Do you have a social media team?


One thought on “Social Media Needs To Become a Team Sport

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