Building Multi Directional Relationships with Your Customers

Here’s how the relationship between companies and their customers has historically been structured:
social media strategy 1
Here’s how that relationship changes in social media (which is an improvement, but still not ideal):
social media strategy 2-1

How Can You Build a Triangle?

This is what you want. This is a community. This is sustainable:
social meida strategy 3

Jay Baer has created a nice illustration of the relationships you need to build to create a sustainable community. I see his triangle model as a continually flowing circle of strengthening and expanding relationships.

Relationships need to flow in continuous feedback and communication loops to nurture a thriving community space. This is true on-line as well as off line in all real communities. The more conversation and engagement you can foster between your customers the stronger your community space becomes.

Is your company creating something that your customers what to connect around?

How could connected your customers help your company?

What could you do to facilitate connecting your customers around your company offerings?

Are you aware of how your customers may already be connected around you?


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