Your Business Image is Linked to Your Customers Converstations

There was a time when companies issued press releases, and operated under the impression that they controlled the message of their brand. Those days are gone. Today, the brand image is linked to the thoughts and conversations of a company’s consumers. Therefore, businesses must get to know their constituents.

Do you realize how big your customers voices have gotten? Your businesses reputation is more connected than ever to the sentiment of your consumers.

The above is from an article about why social media is vital to corporate responsibility. Businesses of all size have a responsibility to their community and consumers. Being a good business citizen is not a marketing strategy. It is a fundamental operating principle moving forward for everyone.

Social Media is a super important tool for getting the good work you’re doing in the world out to a wider audience. People like to do businesses with companies they feel good about. Letting the public know about what you and your business care about is a wonderful use for social media.


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