Communicating Through Lifestreaming

I’ve been blogging since 2003 and have noticed many bloggers moving to the Lifestreaming mode of communicating. The rise of Twitter and the Facebook home page is an example of how information is flowing and being consumed in streams.

What are are to do with all this information?

“information is going to continue to scale, but human attention doesn’t scale, so we have to think about how each of us manages it.” – Steve Rubel

I jumped on the idea of Lifestreaming a few months ago. I like how I can integrate my activity on my blog through the Lifestreaming plugin on my sidebar. I’ve been experimenting with Posterous as a way to update my blog and some of my other sites. Posterous helps me collect information and share it through my networks.

I’ve been gradually evolving my blog into a hub of my activity. Louis Gray shares how Steve Rubel is using a hub and spoke model to build his personal brand and spread his content. This hub and spoke model is the future of blogging and social media integration for many people.

“Instead of fighting against the stream and forcing people to come back to the originating hub, Steve started to think that maybe his blog “didn’t matter as much any more”, and appeared “archaic”. Now, he is posting content, via Posterous, to his lifestream and also each of the spokes (like Flickr, Delicious, etc.) and participating where that content gainst traction – essentially creating a very customizable hub and spoke model that has his own personal brand and the flexibility to put the right content in the right place.”

Read more about Communicating in the Age of Streams on Louis Gray’s blog.


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