Can the Cool Kids and IMer’s Play Together?

I wonder, though, if there’s any possible way a tribe could come together that was about building real businesses online without being cheesy, sleazy, or tacky? Could a tribe form around ethical business practices, effective persuasive communication that actually sells something, respectful relationships with customers, and a commitment to keeping the White Hat on at all times?

Could that tribe actually come to terms with getting paid for the work they put in? Could they be willing to learn to create businesses that don’t require a superhuman effort to get off the ground? Not necessarily getting rich quick, but getting rich without killing yourself?

Is it possible for these two tribes to actually learn from one another? To find the greatest value, satisfaction and success at the intersection of the crossroads?

I love this post on Copy Blogger. Above is an excerpt of may favorite part. Click the link after the excerpt and read the entire thing. It’s worth diving into if you care about doing any kind of business. I think it speaks to 2 of the major internet tribes and the way they like to operate on line. Sonia, the author brings up some great points.

I think it is likely that these tribes are going to learn to work together to create wonderful businesses and create real, sustainable financial flow along with a balanced life.

I believe that we are smart enough to learn that we can come together for quality and sustainability without selling our souls. This is not a stretch. Everything I see is lining up to create brilliant new life paths and all we have to do is make the choices.

I’m optimistic that these tribes are coming together. How about you?


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