Are You Aware of Your Flow of Creative Brilliance?

“There are two ways to know what’s in the process of manifesting.

 One is to wait until it manifests and check it out.
We call that “Post-manifestational awareness.” [laughter]

 And the other is to be aware of the way you are feeling.

 Now in the beginning, when you are first beginning to get a handle on your emotions, you’re not so adept at sensing what’s going on. The more you get in the vortex, the more adept you get at sensing what’s going on, the more sensitivity you’ll have and the more you’ll be able to head things off before they blow up.”

 – Abraham – Hicks

Awareness of what’s going on around you and inside you is a valuable skill to master. When you’re in the process of creative manifestation are you awake and aware to the moments of brilliance that feel the best?

 The more aware of the flow of your creative brilliance ( your vortex ) the better you’ll be in alignment with your creations.

 The more joy will flow through your life.
The happier you will be.
The more successful you will be.
The more at peace you will be.


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