Discovering My Creativity

I used to think I wasn’t creative. No music, no art. In school I was good at science, math, physiology, geography, history but not art and music. I listened to my own story that I wasn’t “creative”. Maybe because my definition of creativity was limited.

I didn’t realize how an ever flowing spring of ideas could be considered creative, artistic and expressive. My thoughts are actually creative. When that light bulb went on I realized that the life I live is actually creative and that all of us are creative beings in some way. I love to see the creative expressions all around me. I love the beautiful flow of words that I’m blessed to read here on Intent from all of my fellow creative beings. Words that inspire and uplift more creativity in me.

Being free to create our selves and our lives is what living a conscious co-creative life is.

Be inspired

and be free.

Create and share

with passion.

Inspire everyone

to create

their beauty.

Now and

Every Now.


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