Goddess Alchemy and Sacred Dance with Leilani Petranek

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Leilani Petranek shares her life story, richly steeped in Hawaiian tradition and culture as well as her passion for the Goddess Culture and Sacred Dance.

Episode Highlights:

  • Lani shares the rich tapestry of her life story
  • Growing up in a Living Goddess Culture
  • Hula-the mystery school of the Goddess
  • The Great Re-Balancing
  • Kauai as the planetary eyes
  • Sacred Dance-Lani’s passion to share
  • The importance of movement in our bodies
  • Freeing the energy of movement through the chakras
  • Expressing ourselves with sound
  • Embracing the Feminine principle


Leilani references the book:

The Women Saints of India
Daughters of the Goddess: The Women Saints of India

Early in the podcast Lani refers to “being a leaf”. This is in reference to Kay Snow-Davis’ book, “Point of Power-A Relationship with Your Soul”

Point of Power: A Relationship with Your Soul

A Relationship with Your Soul

We invite you to listen to our podcast with Kay where she explores Point of Power in inspiring detail.

Leilani Petranek’s book:

Mana o Hula
Spirit of Hula: Mana o Hula

Upcoming Goddess Celebrations on Kauai~

MARCH Celebration will be on the Equinox on the 20th at the Wailua Cosmogram and Molo Sanctuary. I will share insights from my second co-authored book with Francis – Legacy of Ancient Polynesia.

APRIL Celebration will be at the ANINI GODDESS TEMPLE of Michelle Jurika and will feature ‘BODY TALK PRACTIONISTS” Ian and Joanie who are ENERGY HEALERS of the highest consciousness. They have worked with thousands of clients worldwide and just returned from New Zealand and Mexico.

Good Stuff!!!

2 thoughts on “Goddess Alchemy and Sacred Dance with Leilani Petranek

  1. Aloha Lani,
    We know each other from way back when I lived on Kauai. We saw each other was in 2000 when we both attended Na Kupuna o Hawaii aha at a hotel in Wailua. Then I also attended your book signing at Borders in 2004 for Spirit of Hula. I now live on Hawaii Island.

    My kupuna Dr. Kekuni Blaisdell keeps asking me about Francis Warther. Is Francis still alive? Uncle Kekuni realizes the value of Francis work and appreciation of ancient Hawaiian navigation and cosmology and wants very much to connect with him.

    Please help me to give Uncle Kekuni the information required so he can reach Francis or you for that matter because you may be able to answer his questions and allow him to realize this great wish before he passes on. My email: keahifelix@gmail.com

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