Solar Salons

Dawn of the “solar salon” in U.S. living rooms | Tech&Sci | Science |
Salons are gatherings were people talk big talk, talk meant to be listened to and possibly acted upon.  Salons are incubators where ideas are conceived, gestated and hatched.

With this spirit of salon comes an new movement to spread solar and renewable energy ideas.  Salons are being organized all over the country to help put the solar movement into high gear.  With growth of 30 – 40% a year in solar the energy is really heating up.  But the precentage of solar energy is still low.

According to the article in the above link the U.S. has the most sun per capita of the industrialized nations.  We have the opportunity to take advantage of all this sunshine and reduce our dependance on oil and help reduce global warming.  This sounds like a win all across the board.

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