Martuvam – Healing Forest

Martuvam – Healing forest
Martuvam Healing Forest in Auroville, India is a wonderful newer herbal healing forest, treatment and education center. Shivaraj, the founder is a wonderful person, friendly and full of energy. When we visited him in March he was an excellent host, always paying attention to our comfort, answering all questions and truely expressing his enthusiam for Martuvam and his work. He is getting an amazing amount of things done and sharing his accomplishments with the local village and Auroville. Shivaraj was truely a bright spot during our Auroville visit. One that I will not forget.

During the ‘70s Auroville earned an international reputation for its restoration of severely eroded wasteland – but who is taking this arduous work up in today’s modern Auroville?

One is Shivaraj , a man born in the local village of Kottakarai, grown up in Auroville, whose successive experiences in Auroville – of learning at Isai Ambalam School ,helping at Auroville Greenwork Centre, keeping accounts at Roma’s Kitchen, managing Uma’s quilting unit, carrying out Verite’s community maintenance, slogging it out with Satprem at the Earth Institute assisting in Pitchandikulam’s biodiversity projects and training as a Development Worker with Village Action – prepared him to start the Martuvam Healing Forest


When our family visited Auroville in February and March this year we were lucky enough to meet Shivaraj in person.  He is a man full of energy and passion for sharing and connecting life and nature.
We were part of a group that was given a wonderful presentation about the villages and perspectives from some young Indian men who are making big differences in their villages.  Their enthusiasm for sharing the lives that have created for themselves were wonderful breaths of divine inspiration.  So many of the local village people around Auroville have this simple presence and they radiate from their heart.  It was refreshing to be immersed in the experience of connecting with these beautiful  souls in India.


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