Wind Dance

Cautious winds
blow from yonder valley
explore this sacred realm
where is this Shaman
hiding here
to take my freedom
I gust and swirl
the dust remains
I whisper in the tree tops
gently dance among the leaves
I lap the stream raising but a ripple
and the Shaman doesn’t come
what has happened to sacred valley
where is my adversary
always up for the challenge
telling his fellow beings
my secrets and my ways
the echo lays low
I am not supposed to see
they no longer believe
asleep to the ways of this valley
they leave for yonder plain
of some new dream disturbed
distant reality obsessed
how can they exist
without air
no scared breath taken
no chilled reaction
no recognition
where is sacred valley
is this now a myth
my spirit fades

A glint, a ray
sparkling cinders ignite
the play from day to night
the children are here
they know the way back
through forward solutions
twirling and dancing
romancing the valley
believing the way
the Shaman returns
the children sown
they can not stray
what was once forgotten
can not go away
play begins anew
as I blow my might breeze
through the branches of the trees
and the Shaman’s game goes on.

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